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The Best Upholstery Shop in Balmain

Are you looking for the best in local upholstery furniture services? Look no further than Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain! Our company specialises in furniture reupholstering and restoration, guaranteeing the best service for your worn-out furniture. No matter the reupholstering job, whether it’s for a hotel, pub, or restaurant, we proudly service businesses and households in Balmain, NSW. If you’re looking for the highest quality reupholstering for your furniture, Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain are the answer. Give us a call today or fill out our free instant quote form to get started.

Reupholstering in Balmain

At Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain, we pride ourselves in our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Our upholsterers are experienced professionals who can bring any furniture back to life, no matter how old or damaged. We use the highest quality leathers, fabrics and timber materials to ensure that each piece of furniture is restored to the highest standards. Our upholsterers can advise you on the best techniques and materials for your furniture restoration project. With over 60 years of experience, Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain are the perfect choice for reupholstering in Balmain. Whether you need a complete overhaul or minor repairs, we guarantee your satisfaction and ensure you get the desired results. Trust our local Balmain upholsterers to bring a unique touch and style to your furniture and make it look new again.

Local Balmain Upholstery Services

French Polishing

French polish is an age old method to restore old furniture. After decades in the business, we have truly perfected this art. Now operating in Balmain, our upholstery shop gives tables, chairs, desks, chests etc from pubs, restaurants, hotels, or private homes a new look with French polishing. This method also goes best after a furniture repair to make your furniture look good as new. If you want to give your furniture the five-star look that reflects your service or home, Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain have the best french polishers in Balmain!

A timber table recently french polished.
A reupholstered dark purple chair.

Furniture Reupholstering

Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain offers premium furniture upholstery services for all types. Our professional team has decades of experience reupholstering furniture from chairs, sofas, couches, lounges and much more. We now provide our leather reupholstery services to businesses such as pubs, restaurants, and hotels. We also extend our work to homes and commercial spaces all over Balmain. Once your furniture has been reupholstered, we are certain your guests and customers are going to be left amazed with the results.

Furniture Restoration

Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain provides outstanding furniture restoration services for all kinds of furniture. We specialise in furniture restoration for modern and antique furniture, from simple cracked leather or fabrics to full-on furniture frame restoration. After 60 years in the field, you can rest assured your furniture will be taken care of by the best upholsterers in Balmain.

An old timber chair reupholstered and timber repaired to new condition.
Antique chair and desk which has had timber restoration work completed.

Antique & Vintage Furniture Restoration

Now servicing Balmain, we specialise in repairing vintage Parker furniture and other significant pieces, such as Chiswell, Fler, Moran, Van Treight, Tessa Jackson and Burgess. 

We are also expert in antique furniture restoration and offer an unparalleled service for all types of furniture from all eras including Queen Anne, Victorian, Edwardian, Rococco & Art Deco.

After 60 years in the business and countless antique and vintage pieces coming through our doors, people now rely on Daylom & Vovo Upholstery & Restoration for their antique and vintage furniture. If you are looking for an experienced upholsterer with a proven record of taking care of antique pieces, Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain is a perfect choice.

Custom Cushions & Covers

From businesses such as pubs, restaurants, and hotels to households in Balmain, Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain provide custom cushions and covers which are sure to enhance any environment, adding class and sophistication. We ensure you can select from hundreds of premium fabrics and customise them at your convenience. We prioritise comfort yet make custom cushion covers stylish enough to match your area’s existing décor.

New custom made cushions and cushion covers for a Balmain, NSW resident after getting their chair reupholstered.
Custom made upholstered bed head for a bedroom in Balmain.

Upholstered Wall Panels

At Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain, we know that upholstered wall panels are a great way to add texture and colour and create an inviting look for your home or business. It is also a cheaper way to give your establishment luxurious vibes. We offer clients in Balmain customisable upholstered wall panels that the establishment deserves and match your business’s theme or desired style for your home. Our upholstery services are of the finest quality, and our local upholstery team is ready to assist you in creating the perfect atmosphere for your home or business.

Specialising in Parker Furniture Restorations and Reupholstering

If you need antique furniture restoration or reupholstering services, especially for Parker Furniture, Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain is the company to turn to. With a team of skilled upholsterers in Balmain with years of experience, we have the expertise and attention to detail to restore your antique furniture to its original condition. Whether you need minor repairs or a complete restoration, Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain can handle it all. We use only the highest grade equipment and materials and traditional techniques to ensure that your furniture looks as close to the original as possible. Plus, with our passion for Parker furniture restoration, you can trust that we will take great care in handling your beloved pieces. So if you want to bring new life to your antique furniture, contact Daylom & Vovo Upholstery Balmain today.

Recently restored Parker furniture dining table and six dining chairs repaired in Balmain.

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